Medical staff
Ridley School District
Medical Team

The Ridley School District Health Services team is composed of a Certified Nurse Practitioner, Certified School Nurses, Staff Nurses, a Dental Consultant, and a Physician Consultant. First aid and health counseling are available to all students during the school year. Every effort will be made to accommodate the specific health needs of each student.

State mandated health screenings are conducted at all Ridley School District schools each year. Vision, height and weight screenings are conducted annually in all grades. Hearing screening is done in kindergarten, grades one, two, three, seven and eleven. Mandated scoliosis screenings are done in grades six and seven. Should a problem or potential problem be detected in any of the screenings, parents will be contacted and further evaluation will be recommended.

Pennsylvania Health Law requires a physical examination upon entrance to school (at any level) and again in grades six and eleven. Dental exams are required in grade one and in grades 3 and 7. Parents may elect to have an abbreviated physical exam performed by the School District Physician Consultant and/or a dental exam performed by the Dental Consultant. This requires written permission from the parent/guardian.

Please feel free to contact your School Nurse throughout the school year. It is recommended that parents meet with the school nurse at least yearly if they have a special health concern or health issue regarding their child.

Director of Medical Services: Christina Nester, MSN, CRNP
Phone: (610) 534-1900 ext. 1255
Address: 901 Morton Ave. Folsom, PA 19033

Last Modified on November 26, 2008