Grades 3-5 Physical Education Curriculum

The elementary physical education program for grades 3-5 is based on two lessons per week over a thirty-four week program. Students will participate in educational games, cooperative games, fitness games, dance, educational gymnastics, rolling, jumping-landing, and FitnessGram evaluation. The specific Scope and Sequence for grades 3-5 may be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Please note that there may be a variation at each elementary building in regards to the scope and sequence.

Grades 3-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence Specifics:

Establishing the Playground Environment

Establishing the Learning Environment - Cooperative Games

Educational Games: Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging, and Spatial Awareness

Educational Games: Dribbling With Feet, Passing, Kicking

Educational Games: Fitness Games-Cardio, Muscular Endurance, Strength

FitnessGram Testing

Dance Aerobics

Educational Games: Striking With a Long Handled Implement

Educational Games: Muscular Strength, Endurance

Educational Games: Bouncing, Passing, Shooting

Educational Games: Throwing, Catching

Educational Gymnastics: Rolling, Weight Transfer

Educational Gymnastics: Jumping, Landing, Climbing, Hanging, Swinging

Educational Games: Volleying

Educational Games: Striking With Short Handled Implements

FitnessGram Testing

Educational Games: Striking With Long Handled Implements

Last Modified on April 23, 2009