Guidance Services

  • Guidance Services

    Individual counseling

    Each guidance counselor is assigned, by alphabet, a portion of Ridley's student body. Counselors are available for individual appointments to discuss any school or personal concerns. All students are guaranteed to be seen at least once during the school year, more depending on individual need. To make an appointment, a student may sign up in the guidance office or, in an emergency, may simply request to be seen immediately. If a counselor is out of the building for any reason, another counselor will fill in and speak with those students. All discussions in the counselor's office are strictly confidential except in certain situations including risk for homicide, suicide, or child abuse.

    Parent - Teacher conferences

    The guidance counselor is the student and/or parents direct connection to the high school faculty. A simple phone call or email can initiate a parent-teacher conference for your child. You can be assisted by your child's counselor with any difficulties (academic and/or social) he/ she may be experiencing or any questions you may have. The guidance counselor can be your advocate in the high school building. 

    By answering the following questions before a parent-teacher conference, you can be prepared to have a productive meeting :

    • what do you think your teen's strengths are? weaknesses?
    • what subjects does your child talk about most?
    • what does he/she seem excited about? worried about?
    • what subjects seem most difficult for your son/daughter?
    • how do you think your child learns better? by listening or watching? by working alone or in groups?
    • what are your specific concerns about his/her progress, learning skills, or social skills?
    • what is the best way to contact you? phone, email?

    Student Assistance Program

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to help school personnel identify issues including alcohol use, drug use, or other behavioral concerns and issues that pose a barrier to a students' learning and success in school. The SAP team offers support to students and their families.  SAP  is NOT a treatment program, rather, it is a systemic process using effective and accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove the barriers to learning, and/or, where the problem is beyond the scope of the school, to assist the parent and student with information so that they may access services within the community. The SAP members DO NOT diagnose, treat, or refer for treatment; but they may refer for an assessment to determine if treatment is needed. Parental involvement in all phases of the process is the key to the successful resolution of identified problems. 

      SAP offers the following supports and services to students and their families:

    • a confidential process within our school
    • access to school based support groups (grief groups, life skills development groups
    • free access to a Certified Mental Health Assessor
    • linkage to other school-based resources

Last Modified on June 16, 2015