• Please contact Edgewood's office to schedule an appointment for registration 610-534-1900, ext. 1421. Students may be registered at any time, the district has a scheduled March registration date for kindergarten.

    You can help to insure a more efficient pupil registration by following the procedure outlined below:

    1. Complete all information requested on the Entrance Form:

    A. Entrance Information Sheet - the information requested on this form is
    needed for our pupil records and fulfills the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    B. Health History

    C. Home Language Survey

    2. You will need to bring the following information with you: child's birth certificate, proof of immunizations, proof of ID for parents and proof of residency (3 forms needed). Valid proof of residency and residency responsibility must have at least one original from A, and two originals or copies from B.

    A. Deed, rental lease, mortgage coupon book, mortgage statement, tax bill, Affidavit
    of Residency.

    B. Current utility bills, driver license, bank statement, welfare or unemployment ID, IRS statement, health card (DPA).

    If you are living in a residency owned by another party (parent, grandparent, brother, sister, etc.) you will be required to get an Affidavit of Residency. Please call 610-534-1900, ext. 1131.
Last Modified on December 9, 2008