(updated July 2016)

    To facilitate a safe, orderly environment; reduce distractions in the classrooms, corridors, and public spaces; and promote appropriate dress habits for the workplace, a uniform dress code is enforced. Students who are not in compliance will be required to wear and purchase a school issued uniform (or appropriate parts) on the day of the violation. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

    (See Fines/Obligations in the handbook)

    Colors: Colors at the discretion of students/parents. Any color is acceptable. 
    Spirit Colors: Green & White  

    Bottoms: The hems of all garments may not be above the fingertips of fully extended arms at sides.
    • Dress pants, Docker/khaki-style pants, Corduroy pants
    • Dress shorts, Skirts, Jumpers, Dresses, Capris
    Tops: Collared shirts/tops with sleeves are always required
    • Button down shirt/top (must be buttoned) Golf Shirt
    • Blouse (must be buttoned) Turtleneck or mock turtle neck
    • Sweater vest over collared shirt
    • Crewneck sweater over collared shirt
    • Sweatshirts without hood over collared shirt
    • Track or Letterman jacket zippered
    Footwear: Must be worn at all times. All footwear must have enclosed toes and have a back.

    Clarifications: The following articles of clothing may not be worn during the school day:
    • Pocketbooks can be no larger than 8” x 8” and can not be carried as backpacks.
    • Spandex or elastic shorts or pants worn as an outer garment
    • Denim material pants of any color
    • Nylon running suits or sweat suits (shorts, pants)
    • Any coat or jacket intended to be an outer garment
    • Any article of clothing which allows any undergarments to be exposed
    • Hooded sweatshirts
    • Head coverings (hats, scarves, bandanas)
    • Spiked jewelry, bracelets, metal chains, etc. that could be harmful to others should not be worn
    • Any writing or images on clothing or jewelry deemed inappropriate is not permitted
    The principal/dean shall be the final judge as to neatness and cleanliness of wearing apparel and whether or not such apparel is disruptive, distracting and/or is in violation of health and safety rules.

    In order to provide a more secure, safe environment and to ensure that students will be able to fully participate in the instructional activities planned for the classroom, students will not be permitted to wear overcoats to class during the school day. Any type of coat worn to school must be secured in the student’s assigned locker at the start of the day. Coats and jackets may not be worn to cover clothing that would be in violation of the high school dress code.
Last Modified on September 9, 2016