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  • The Ridley Student Assistance Program is designed to help school personnel identify problems including alcohol/drugs, mental health issues, and other behavioral concerns that pose a barrier to a student’s learning and success in school.

  • The Student Assistance Program is a district wide program for ALL students and families.

  • The Student Assistance Program is a three tiered program that has been in the Ridley School district since 1989.

  • Tier One: Prevention and Education

  • Tier Two: School Based Intervention and Support

  • Tier Three: Connecting students and families to outside resources and continued school based support

  • Student Assistance Program is a team driven systemic process using effective and accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove the barriers to learning.

  • The Student Assistance Program Team members do not diagnose or provide treatment.

  • Parental involvement is welcomed and essential in all phases of the student assistance process.

  • Referrals are confidential and made from all members of our school community. (students, parents, teachers, deans, administrators, Para-professional staff, coaches)
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Last Modified on March 3, 2016