• Ridley High School offers students a variety of opportunities to develop and showcase their skills by producing several student publications including the Green Raider newspaper; Windscript, a literary journal; and the school yearbook, The Archive. 

    Archive - The School Yearbook

    Ridley High School’s award winning yearbook publication is a unique activity for students in all grades. The group atmosphere, directed toward the goal of completing the current year’s publication on time, allows the students to interact with many types of responsibilities, assignments, task commitments and people. Most importantly, students are able to experience how such an enormous project is completed through an organized staff of workers.
    Sponsor: Mrs. Herrmann

    Green Raider - The School Newspaper

    The Green Raider remains one of the top school newspapers in the nation. It is a quarterly publication that informs the student body and faculty of the events and happenings that occur throughout the school and community, while giving its dedicated staff the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of journalism and desktop publishing. Our newspaper provides articles that are fun and informative but also newsworthy. Volunteers who wish to work on the newspaper as an after school activity should contact the sponsors below.
    Sponsor: Mr. Ayers
    Sponsors: Ms. Plummer
Last Modified on December 10, 2014